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Benjamin specializes in teaching pop vocals at Intune Music School, and is a certified instructor in Speech Level Singing (SLS), a singing technique that allows you to sing more effortlessly and powerfully and is trusted by more than 120 Grammy Award winners in the United States and the world over!

Always seeking to upgrade his teaching and singing skills, Benjamin attends vocal master-classes conducted by SLS professionals from the U.S. whenever they are in Singapore. He aspires to be like these professionals one day, coaching prestigious American singers and Grammy Award winners everywhere! Benjamin also has a Grade 5 qualification in Theory of Music with the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM).

As a performer and artiste, Benjamin started off as a member of a local boyband in the year 1998, recording 3 audio CDs under Sony BMG. He joined the SAF Music and Drama Company while he was serving his National Service, and this helped to build him up as a performer and singer. He was also later offered a recording contract with Hype Records.

Benjamin has performed for various Mediacorp functions and programmes, and is currently one of the main singers and performers at St. James Power Station (Dragonfly), doing shows almost 4 – 5 times a week! His ability to perform almost daily is testament towards his good vocal technique and immense singing talent.

As an instructor, Benjamin is extremely experienced and able to pick out your vocal problems almost instantaneously, employing quick and effective techniques to achieve the quickest results. He is the only instructor at our school who is able to utilize the Speech Level Singing technique in his teaching and guide students towards their desired singing voice. Try his lessons and experience the difference!

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